Secure ICOs and Decentralize Your Applications

ADN is a unique blockchain that has high-throughput, high scalability, and high availability for Decentralized Applications (DApps). ADN will be the first to have a built-in investor-oriented mechanism programmed to protect the interests of the investors when they invest in ICOs based in the ADN blockchain.

Secure Environment

ADN will be the first to have an investor-protection mechanism designed to become fraud-proof, scam-proof, and laundering-proof.

Decentralized Ecosystem

The project aims to contribute to the cryptocurrency industry through the development of a completely decentralized payment system focusing on eCommerce while still working with a holistic approach – implementing the distributed ledger technology which makes transactions transparent to participants.

Widely Accessible

ADN will be widely available to trade with other cryptocurrencies, thereby granting access to everyone who wants to participate in ICOs held on its platform.

Humans at the Core

ADN is working closely with humanitarian and non-profit organizations across the globe. Not only are we going to help those that are within the crypto sphere; we are equally passionate about adding value to the lives of those that are without.

Economic Solution

You can make faster, more affordable and secure transactions with ADN Payment Processing System. You can benefit from minimal and transparent fees by using one of the most recent technological developments available in the market.



The ADN Mainnet

The ADN mainnet is specifically designed to protect ICO participants from fraud, scams, and other heinous activities commonly associated with ICOs. We are the first to implement an ICO Wallet, in which funds cannot be accessed by ICO-holding companies except those approved by the participants.


Shopping Mall Integration

One of ADN's main value propositions would be the seamless integration as a payment solution to an online shopping mall platform where you can use cryptocurrencies as payment.

Shop with ADN

User can enjoy the benefits of blockchain integrated with eCommerce with ADN.


Our Exchanges


Consistently guides and empowers the team to succeed in their roles

Ron Lim

With over 3 years of experience leading blockchain, cryptocurrency, and ICO projects, Ron has proven himself capable to lead our organization. He’s also taken leadership roles in the finance sector.

Jon Ban

Offering the insights he has gained in his years of experience in the finance and commerce industry, Jon is actively helping ADN to realize its full potential alongside our CEO.

Mainnet Development Team

Developing technologies with a mindset of innovation

Misha Hanin
Chief Technology Officer

Misha will be overseeing the entire mainnet development of ADN Coin. He is a respected executive who has taken up chief leadership positions at DeepDive Technology and iRangers International. He is an expert with Cloud Technologies (Amazon AWS, Azure, SoftLayer, Rackspace, etc.), cybersecurity, all phases of Active Directory Implementation and Cross-Forest Migrations.

Tad Einstein
Vice Chief Information Officer

Together with Misha, Tad will spearhead the development of ADN’s mainnet. He is a seasoned IT professional with extensive experience in data center technologies and cloud technologies such as Amazon Web Service, Azure, and Oracle Cloud. He is also the CTO at DeepDive Technologies, and a Product Architect at Corporate Technologies.

Boris Heismann
Chief Information Officer

Boris has taken various leadership roles in the past 20 years of his experience in IT, including DeepDive Technology, iRangers International, and Bit Power International. He will also focus on the analysis as well as secure the infrastructure design of ADN. He is an expert with Windows and UNIX, as well as in the assessment, establishment and modernization of existing enterprises.

Dima Zodek
Chief Security Officer

Drawing from his 20 years of experience as a chief cybersecurity architect, Dima will ensure that the ADN blockchain will be a virtually-impregnable blockchain platform. He has expert knowledge in the development and code review of blockchain systems, as well as in the design and security of blockchain infrastructures, including mining data centers.

Rob Zacharias
Chief Operating Officer

Rob has over 20 years of experience implementing large-scale IT solutions for various organizations. He will work alongside the rest of the ADN mainnet development team to oversee its operations and development. He is also COO and Co-Founder of iRangers International.

Jene Claude
Application & Web Development Team Manager

Jene has been at the helm of various IT teams in the past, and has a 7-year combined experience in development, system analysis, and design.

Awais Sakhi
Blockchain Developer

Awais has over 5 years of experience in software programming and blockchain development.

Surya Pratap
Blockchain Developer

Prior to joining ADN, Surya has been developing systems and software for clients across various Asian countries for 6 years.

Zeeshan Butt
Blockchain & App Developer

Zeeshan has been a Full-Stack Developer for over 4 years, and is an expert in Android and blockchain wallet development.

Kanagaraj Chinnadurai
Blockchain Developer

Kanagaraj has already been in the software programming and development scene for over a decade.

Siddharth Chordia
Application Developer

Mobile app development has piqued the interest of Siddharth, and he has devoted 4 years of his professional life since then.

Ramees Raja
Front End Developer

Ramees has over 5 years of experience in UI/UX development.

Farhan Riasat
Application Developer

Farhan has been a Back-End Developer for 3 years before joining ADN.

Lemuel Capisinio
Senior Graphics Designer

Lemuel has been a graphic designer for 10 years, and is adept at various Adobe applications and similar software.

Vineeth Soman
Motion Graphics Visualizer

Vineeth has over 9 years of experience in motion graphics.

M.Junaid Abbasi
UI/UX Designer

Muhammad has been into interactive design for over 7 years.

Shameer Alsab
Motion Graphics Visualizer

Shameer has dedicated more than 5 years of his professional life in motion graphics and interactive design.

Front End Developer

tseku has over 6 years of experience in software development, alongside being a digital marketing and finance specialist.

Mariz Leira
Application Developer

As a veteran in iOS development, Mariz is providing technical expertise in the development of our ADN wallet for iOS.

Lance Ebreo
Web Developer

Lance is a software engineer with 3 years of experience in blockchain development and Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Cedie Reyes
Front End Developer

Cedie has been writing code professionally since graduating from college, and now has over 6 years of experience in UI/UX Development and Front End.

Rohit Mohan
Application Developer

Rohit has over 3 years of experience in mobile app development, and is helping develop our ADN wallet for Android.

Ramaraj S
Application Developer

As an application developer, Ram has devoted three years of his professional life in developing apps for Android.

Blockchain Security Team

24/7 dedication to securing servers and preventing potential risks

Tariq Farah
Server Security Engineer

As a security researcher and engineer, Tariq has joined ADN to provide invaluable insights which he gained in over 4 years of cybersecurity experience.

Siddesh Kanolkar
Server Security Engineer

Siddesh has more than 3 years of experience in cybersecurity.

Ashik Ayoob Khan
Server Security Engineer

Ashik dedicates over 50 hours of his work week to keep our servers secure, as he has been doing so in various companies for more than 4 years.

Server Security Engineer

Rudy has had over 4 years of experience in cybersecurity prior to joining ADN.

Server Security Engineer

As a software engineer specializing in applications security for 5 years, Roland is one of our cybersecurity consultants.

Eldho Jacob
Server Security Engineer

Eldho is a systems architect focusing in large distributed systems and systems security. Prior to joining ADN, he was developing infrastructure for eCommerce and gaming sectors.

Ulfath Ali
Server Security Engineer

Ulfath Ali has had over 3 years of experience in systems and app security before joining ADN.

Vivek Nv
Server Security Engineer

Vivek spent 3 years in the cybersecurity sector prior to joining ADN.


Planning and implementing scalable marketing strategies and solutions

Suresh Kannan
Marketing Manager

Suresh knows the ins and outs of digital marketing, and is the brain behind various product and service marketing campaigns in India and in the Middle East for the last 9 years of his professional career.

Shahul Hameed
Digital Marketing Manager

Shahul has led product marketing campaigns, and his 10 years of experience in SEO and Facebook marketing has equipped him to work alongside our Marketing Manager and other team leaders.

Mariem Sarhali
Digital Marketing Executive

Mariem has been a digital marketer for 4 years, and she specializes in coordinating with our Arabic-speaking partners and clients.

Aidana Asanalieva
Digital Marketing Specialist

With over 5 years of experience in digital marketing, Aidana is adept at social media campaigns, and translates our content to Russian for our Russian-speaking partners and users.

Ezra Reguerra
Content Team Manager

With a 100-percent job success score in Upwork for Digital Marketing, Ezra has proven himself undisputable in the industry. He leads ADN in Content Marketing, a craft he has perfected for more than 8 years.

Diana Suyerbayeva
Finance Analyst (Marketing)

Diana helps ADN in matters revolving around finance such as budgeting, forecasting, and headcount planning, as she has been doing so for over a year now.

Content Marketing Executive

As a seasoned writer for cryptocurrency-related news, Jesus focuses on writing and editing content for ADN across various channels.

Elvi Correos
Content Marketing Executive

As a HubSpot-certified Senior Content Coordinator, Elvi helps guide ADN in its content marketing efforts and edit articles for our website content.

Priyanka Sheethal
Technical Support Lead

With the ADN users’ welfare in mind, Priyanka leads the Customer Support division in addressing ADN-related concerns.

Ingrid Escatron
Customer Support

Ingrid helps ADN in its digital marketing efforts through its social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Customer Support

Abygail assists the Customer Support Lead in helping ADN users with their concerns regarding the cryptocurrency and its technology through our Support channel.


Providing expert guidance in the overall direction of the organization

Arben Kane

Entrepreneur, tech visionary & startup shrink. An arbiter in the world of technology and a relentless challenger against the limitations of the human condition. Specialties: Application Designer & Developer, Desktop & Web Applications, and Product Manager in a wide variety of business applications.


Chairman of JPC Crypto Exchange, Chairman of JPC (Japan Power Corporation), Chairman of Nagoya Rotary Club, Chairman of JTOP Distribution Group, and Political Advisor to Prime Minister Shinjo Abe.


Board Member of Japan Crypto Study Group, Advisor to Osaka Business Association, Board Member of Japan Unesco, and Researcher for US State Department Parliamentarian for Japanese Diet.

Warren KD Lee

CEO & Executive Vice Chairman for KITIA, worked as Vice Mayor for International Affairs at Daegu Metropolitan City, worked as Consul General in the Korean Consulate in Nagoya, and as Minister for Economic Affairs in the Korean Embassy in China.

Bruce Jeong

Global Partner of, Global Partner of BDLaw, Deputy CEO of Fundshing, and COO of New York Consulting Group.


Regional Head and Council Member of NEM.IO Foundation, Investor at Cambodian Broadband Technologies Co. Ltd. for 11 years, CEO of BizSurf for 5 years, and Consultant at ESG Financial Technology Group for 2 years.

Jason H. Jang

Jason holds various leadership positions such as: CEO for Deboot Blockchain Consulting and Media, CIO for One Alliance, Advisor for Asian Blockchain Hub, CIO for PAYX FOUNDATION, and Ambassador of Global Blockchain Foundation.

Praneet Kumar

Co-Founder & COO of iCognitive Global - Agri10x, Co-Founder of Global Blockchain Foundation, Co-Founder of FutureTech Foundation, Co-Founder of iCybersec Global Principal, and Co-Founder of P42 Ventures.


What ADN intends to provide is a blockchain with high-throughput, high scalability, and high availability for Decentralized Applications (DApps) in the ADN ecosystem. Combining the benefits initially proposed by its cryptocurrency predecessors such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and TRON, ADN will allow developers to create and implement cutting-edge cryptocurrencies through a mainnet. The project will also have a built-in investor-oriented mechanism programmed to protect the interests of the investors when they invest in ICOs and other cryptocurrency projects based in ADN.

White Paper (2019)
Technical Whitepaper(2019)

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